Retreat Programs - Bali Vitality
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Zest for Life

Rejuvenate in 14 days. Explore the unique culture of Bali, return home refreshed, de-stressed, with glowing skin & sparkling clear eyes. Includes 14 spa sessions, hot stone massages, organic facial & body scrubs!
Healthy concept, Spirit, Body and Mind on blackboard

Super Seven Mind Body Detox

7 day full program includes many interesting excursions, holy water cleansing, juice fast, with detox techniques. Mind – meditation and breathing, as well as our Change Your Mind, Change Your Life program
The Greatest Wealth is Health on Napkine

Kickstart to Wellness

A “long weekend program “ 3, 4 or 5 days, just for you. Detox with our special vegetable juices and healing elixirs. Kickstart your health, return home with renewed passion to follow a healthy lifestyle

Calm Mind De-Stress

Let go off your day-to-day worries. Learn Meditation and breathing techniques, gain clarity and purpose with “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” program!
Detox Bali Vitality Juices on table front of pool

Simply Juicy Detox

Want to Juice, cleanse and drink our daily health elixirs, whilst having time to relax, go sightseeing and pamper yourself with our spa therapies? Simply Juicy is for you.
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Whittle Away Weight

Reduce your weight, regain your vitality and energy during a 10, 14 or 21 day weight loss health retreat program.
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Well Woman

Rebalance your hormones, look and feel refreshed and younger, with guidelines and treatments to continue your new ways back home – Well Woman – renew yourself with us!
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Assist Chronic Disease

21 days in which you will detox, cleanse and rest. Our professional wholistic team of Naturopathic Doctors will assist you to recover or move forward from chronic health issues or help prevent them recurring.
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Basic Detox

Detox in 7, 10, 14, 21 or even 30 days. We keep the inclusions basic so you can add your own to the program from our focus Add ons, or take more down time for you!

Thyroid Health

Designed to assist you with any thyroid / adrenal issues and  has been made by a specialist naturopathic and functional medicine doctor who consults with you before and during your Thyroid Health retreat and after ! Optimise your Thyroid and feel vital !

Meditation & Yoga

Focus on you and your mindfulness! During this five day retreat you will enjoy private twice daily yoga. Personal Meditations and breathing! as well as other meditative practices! Cleansing at the Sacred Holy Water Temple is an experience you will never forget..
Just send us a message for any inquiry, we will be happy to help you!