About Bali Vitality Health Retreat Centre - Bali Vitality
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Since 2009, Bali Vitality has provided retreat programs for Men & Women, of all ages, and from all walks of life.

Our Founder

Bali Vitality was founded by AnneMaree Downing in 2009. A long time visitor to Bali, she decided to combine her love of the culture, and her passion for health to create Bali Vitality.
AnneMaree has studied many styles of medicine & health over the last 25 years,( originally qualifying as a Registered Nurse, went on to study qualifications in Naturopathic Medicine, Antiaging & Preventative Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutritional Medicine as well as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Osteo-muscular body realignment. With her diverse background in health and complimentary medicine , she has been able to design health retreat programs to suit specific needs of the client and various health issues.
AnneMaree now works in Private Practice with clients worldwide,(via email and skype )specialising in preventative and antiaging medicine & hormonal imbalances.She also  is one of a team of health professionals who consults with the health retreat clients , and is our Clinical Hypnotherapist, having devised our signature program : “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”.
Anne-Maree continues to reside in Ubud, with a deep love for the culture and people of Bali. She believes in giving back to the community with community health assistance, and by sponsoring children’s education through The Bali Children’s Project. In her spare time AnneMaree enjoys perfecting her latin dance techniques.

Our Team

Wellness Assistants – Our lovely  wellness assistants Komang, Desak and Dewi, will care for your daily needs on retreat. Trained in wellness, detox and first aid you can be assured of their professionalism.
Housekeeping & Kitchen – Led by Ibu Made, Housekeeping keep everything maintained & tidy. The kitchen team works hard to create your delicious slow pressed juices.
Spa Therapists – Pampering and relaxing is an important part of our health retreat programs . You will have your own personal spa therapist who will come to you daily.
Yoga Teachers –Our qualified , dedicated Indonesian Yoga teachers will make learning yoga easy and effective for you.
Drivers & Guides – Led by the experienced Kadek MB, our drivers are knowledgeable about the region & more than happy to share it with you.
Bali Vitality Team


The Retreat is located a 10-minute drive from Ubud in the charming Balinese village of Pejeng. We are a boutique style retreat with currently a max capacity of 7, ensuring your comfort at all times.

Detox Programs

We offer a wide range of specialty health & detox programs including – Weight Loss, Emotional Detox, Stress Release & Juice Cleansing. Personalized programs, to suit your needs & health issues, are also available.

Day Trips

Experience the Balinese culture with day trips including visiting traditional Healers in East Bali, Toya Bungkah Hot Springs, Holy Water Cleansing at Tirta Empul, and Yeh Pulu Rock Carvings, traditional craft market shopping.

Therapy Programs

Our associated health professionals specialize in Naturopathy , Homeopathy, Fertility, Hypnotherapy, Hormonal Health, Iridology, Bowen Muscle Therapy, Nutritional medicine, Acupuncture and much more.


During your retreat, you will be pampered daily by our Spa & Massage therapists, helping you relax, de-stress & enjoy your holiday.

Well Being

We are here to facilitate you to complete wellness and vitality.

Giving Back

A percentage of your retreat payment goes towards our giving back program. We believe it is important we support the education of the next generation of Bali.
We currently sponsor 2 teenage children in Pejeng, our village, through The Bali Children’s Project.
We also give back in other ways including – upgrading rubbish pick up facilities for the whole village, implementing recycle systems, helping individuals in need, and we will continue sponsoring further children’s education in Bali.
Bali Children Project