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Welcome to Bali Vitality Detox

Our Health, Medical , Weight Loss & Detox Retreats suit Men and Women of all ages !
Personalised , one on one retreats , for mind and body wellness , including specialist Hypnotherapy ,
Meditation and tailored to your health needs.
We also will tailor a package for your group !

* Detoxification & Juice Fasting
* Combined healthy food and Juice
* Relaxation and Stress Relief
* Antiaging & Preventative Medicine
* Beauty ‐ inner and outer
* Weight Loss
* Hormonal Balancing for Menopause, PMT, Fertility, PCOD , etc
* Thyroid/ Adrenal Assist

Come for 3 days up to 6 weeks ! Enjoy down time each day just for you.
Packages are tailored in such a way as you have a balance of self time and treatments, trips etc.
If you have one or more of the following symptoms you will benefit from you time at Bali Vitality Detox.

* Constipation
* Irritable Bowel
* Weight Gain
* Mood Swings or lack of Joy
* Skin issues
* Anxious & stressed in day to day life