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Welcome to Bali Vitality Detox

We provide retreats including :

  • Detoxification & Juice fasting
  • Weight Loss using body & mind techniques
  • De-stress
  • Assist chronic disease
  • Inner /Outer Beauty
  • 1 – 7 day home Juice Plus delivery ( Detox to Go)
  • One day mini cleanse with ionic detox foot bath, & Juice with detox powders
  • Consultations with our Practitioners and associated Integrated Mediciine Practitioner are available by appointment

    Our retreats run from three day, to 7, 10, 14 , 21 and 30 day programs, and we can structure to suit you or your small group.

    If your feeling rundown, tired, lacking that spark, or maybe emotionally off centre, this could be the place for you .

    Take a look inside - at our various retreat packages , we offer open ended dates, meaning you can come at your chosen dates. We also offer a variety of room styles, and a very personalised one-to-one retreat - Private yoga teacher, private spa therapist, your own Liason Hostess to assist you...

    So explore our website and find out more or email us on