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Welcome to Bali Vitality Health Retreats Personalised one on one Health Retreats.

Surrender to the beauty & culture of Bali ! Enrich your life & vacation time , whilst improving your health & wellness – physically and emotionally.  You will be assisted in your journey by our delightful & efficient Balinese Wellness Team , & our experienced , highly qualified Health & Medica Professionals.. -
Ubud – a beautiful, spiritual, cultural oasis on the “ Island of the Gods”, exotic Bali Indonesia.
We Welcome You to enrich and improve your health & wellness with us.

Experience the traditions, beauty and culture of Bali, island of the Gods, whilst attending our Personalised one on one health & wellness retreats .

Retreats available from 3 to 44 days .

Weight Loss


Emotional Health


Balance Hormones

Specialist Thryoid Health Retreat

Mens Health

Fertility Assist

Menopause & Andropause

Post Baby

General Cleansing of Body and Mind

Pamper & Cultural

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